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Dow Jones ended at $34,907.11 (+0.96%)

S&P 500 ended at $4,505.10 (+0.84%)

Nasdaq Composite ended at $13,926.05 (+0.81%)

The stock market saw significant gains across all major indexes, as the Dow Jones Industrial Average experienced a notable turnaround and recorded its strongest rally in a month. Traders were particularly excited about the revival of Wall Street’s IPO market and the release of positive economic data. As a result, the Dow rose after two consecutive sessions of losses. In addition, this positive trend was also witnessed by the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite, with both indexes increasing for a second day in a row. One specific factor that contributed to the market’s upward movement was the successful IPO of Arm, a chip design company. Investors saw this as a positive sign for the IPO market, which had been relatively stagnant in recent times. Moreover, the positive sentiment experienced by the overall market was also reinforced by a set of encouraging economic reports, including tamer core inflation data and strong retail sales figures.


Bitcoin rose by 2.00% with a value of $26,689.00 as of 3:00 PM CST, as stated by Coin Metrics.

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