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Premium Services – Paid Trading Group & Educational Lessons

Premium Telegram Groups

  • Thank you for reviewing my public TradingView ideas, Twitter updates, and ClearValueInvesting Community posts. I also offer two premium and exclusive groups at affordable rates:

  1. Stocks & Crypto Trading Group: Chart Champ’s private trading group with trade alerts to buy and sell, while also disclosing any buy and sell decisions I make for my long-term investment portfolio (more details below)
  2. Trading & Investing Lessons Group: Chart Champ’s educational course for learning how to trade and invest successfully. The course has started in early September, and new members will have to sign up through the Late Membership Group to access the previous lessons before joining the ongoing course (more details below)


How To Join

  1. To sign up scan the QR code for the group you would like to join.
  2. Install the Telegram app.
  3. The QR code will take you to a Telegram bot that manages your subscription plan.
  4. Select the Plan button to choose your plan (the annual plan provides 2 months free for those who wish to subscribe long term).
  5. The bot will provide access to join the premium Telegram group.
  6. The bot will be used to manage your subscription, and you can cancel anytime through the bot.


We have a no refund policy especially for the Educational Content that includes proprietary trade secrets not commonly found online. However, if you are unsatisfied with any services please reach out to me and I will try to find a resolution.


Stocks & Crypto Trading Group

This is a premium Stocks and Crypto Trading Group hosted by Chart Champ in collaboration with ClearValueInvesting.

Members will receive the following services:

  • ChartChamp’s short-term trades and long-term portfolio decisions
  • Trade alerts to buy and sell at the price targets in real time
  • Market news related to trading decisions
  • Chart analysis and trade updates


Scan the QR code to join the Stocks and Crypto Trading Group:

Late Membership to

Trading & Investing Lessons


This subscription plan is for late members interested in joining Chart Champ’s Trading & Investing Lessons Group in collaboration with ClearValueInvesting.

This group was launched the first day of September 2023, and there has been one video lesson (60-90 minutes) published weekly. New members have to pay for the previous lessons at a rate of $5 per lesson to make it fair for the early members. The objective of this Late Membership group is to pay for access to the old lessons then enroll in the ongoing course.

Scan the QR code to for Late Membership to the Trading & Investing Lessons Group:


Educational Content Group

This subscription plan includes exclusive access to Chart Champ’s Trading & Investing Lessons Group in collaboration with ClearValueInvesting. This educational content is for traders and investors that are serious about learning how to apply technical analysis to make better informed trading and investment decisions.

This course focuses on learning how to practically use technical analysis to trade successfully. In this course I pass down all of my knowledge and skills, including my trade secrets. The objective of this course is to teach how to practically apply technical analysis with fundamental analysis, unanticipated news, and macroeconomic trends to have more successful trade and investment outcomes.

Members will receive the following services:

  • One video lesson uploaded weekly ($5 per lesson, 60-90 minutes per lesson)
  • Trade secrets (information not commonly known or found online)
  • Chart updates related to the lessons in real time
  • Q&A and discussions about the practical applications of the lessons in real time


Scan the QR code to join the Trading & Investing Lessons Group:


Have any questions?

Contact me anytime at @realchartchamp on Twitter

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