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TSLA’s Terrible Q1 Performance (As Predicted)

$TSLA has been one of my best recent predictions so far, and I posted it on my YouTube channel in this video: https://youtu.be/odtlJPXwk4c around the 7:30 minute mark. (Apologies for the poor video quality, it was one of my earlier videos). $TSLA has been following my prediction very well so far.

I get a lot of questions about TSLA, and I can tell that many of you are eager to buy this TSLA dip. However, I’m seeing a lot of bearish signs for TSLA and I don’t think there will be a buy opportunity any time soon. The green support level has flipped into resistance, and TSLA is forming a strong move down this week. I have $164.76 as a key price target for a rebound. I think TSLA and the EV market are weak right now, we can see lower prices over the next few months.

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