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DXY Potential Breakout Raises Concerns for Crypto & Commodities

The U.S. Dollar Index has started showing some strength above the light blue resistance line, and if there is a bullish breakout for DXY here that could hurt crypto and commodities. It is important to monitor for a break or rejection here, and for now it’s looking like a potential bullish breakout for DXY.

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U.S. Bonds Market Faces Resistance

The U.S. Bonds market has struggled to trend up. For TLT there is a resistance zone between $92 and $100. TLT is likely to trend back down towards the yellow and white support lines. The historic lows are trading near $82.55, I think TLT could retest those lows at some point. There is a lot […]

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Bond Yields Reach a Key Support Level

The 10 year U.S. bond yields have reached an important support level at the yellow trendline. There has been support building up here dating back to April of 2023. If U.S. bond yields rebound and trend up here then we could see more downside for stocks and crypto. However, it is possible for bond yields […]

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Inverted Yield Curve Remains Inverted for 2 Years

The inverted yield curve has been inverted since July 2022, which is one of the longest inversions in its history. The longer the inversion the steeper the markets could crash, so this inverted yield curve implies that we could still experience a significant market crash. Historical data reveals that the market crashes have occurred after […]

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