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March 30 Ethereum Update – ETH Holding the $3,512 Support Level

$ETH has been showing a lot of weakness over the past few trading days with several dips below the $3,512 support level. The price is still holding above $3,512 but I think BTC is starting to outperform ETH here. The light blue zone is a key resistance level to monitor to see if ETH can break through resistance or whether ETH forms a rejection here. I think ETH and the Altcoin market need a correction, but April is a strong performing month for crypto and the financial markets.

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Altcoin Market Still Trading at a Discount

The Altcoin market continues trading below the light blue support line. There are bullish wicks around $570 B market cap, and I think whales are loading up on this dip. The Altcoin market has been neutral and slightly bearish over the past few days, We are currently seeing a potential double bottom forming around $570 […]

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ETH Loses $3,358.76 Support Level

ETH has been trading within a range between the white support line and the light blue resistance zone. This light blue zone has been suppressing the price of ETH, pushing the price down lower. Today ETH lost support at the white trendline around $3,358.76. We saw a similar trend with Bitcoin after the spot BTC […]

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Bitcoin’s Downtrend Likely to End Soon

Bitcoin has been in a downtrend since June 6, and has reached a very strong support level at $60.7k. I think we get a rebound soon as we approach July. Bitcoin has been trading sideways since Feb. 28. While this price action has been boring, it is providing all of us with more time to […]

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