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March 30 BTC Update – BTC Holding Strong Above the Red Zone

$BTC has been trading within and above the red zone over the weekend, and this red zone has been acting as support. The price action has been somewhat boring, but I think BTC is holding up pretty well here. April is a very bullish month for the markets, and it will be important to see if BTC is able to climb up to new all time highs in April. I still think a correction is needed, but the Fed indicated they want to pause for longer so the markets could maintain their bullish momentum until the Fed pivot.

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Altcoin Market Still at a Discount

The Altcoin market is still trading below a key support level, and I believe whales are loading up here before a strong move up in July. I would monitor for the Altcoin market to climb back above the light blue support line over the next few days, possibly up to 1-2 weeks. ChartChamp socials: https://linktr.ee/realchartchamp

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ETH Trying to Breakout Above the Light Blue Zone

ETH has been facing resistance in the light blue zone, and is attempting to form a bullish breakout here. While BTC forms a lower low, ETH and Altcoins are still holding up very strong. I would monitor the light blue zone for a bullish breakout above $3,650, and I don’t think we see anything exciting […]

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The Last Dip Before the Bull Run

Yesterday Bitcoin formed a rejection at the green zone, and today BTC formed a slightly lower low. The key support level is at $60.7k, but I don’t think BTC drops that low. I also have a short-term support level at $62.8k, I think that price level could possibly be tested. Bitcoin has been trading within […]

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