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Crypto News September

Bitcoin news
• Microstrategy: Michael Saylor announces that Microstrategy buys 5445 BTC.
• Rumor: There is a rumor that Microsoft plans to release a Bitcoin and Crypto Wallet in 2024.
• Closing Price: September is known to be a bad month for Bitcoin, but it closes as a green candle this time with a higher price.

Bitcoin statistics
• Balance on Exchanges: The available Bitcoin supply on exchanges started in September with 2,330,717 Bitcoin and closed with 2,319,080 Bitcoin, resulting in an outflow of 11637 Bitcoin from all exchanges combined.
• Bitcoin Not Moved for 1 Year: The amount of Bitcoin that has not been moved for at least 1 year remained almost consistent, showing little change at the beginning of August and hovering between 68.5% and 68.6% of the circulating Bitcoin supply. The year 2023 started with around 66.5% of BTC and has shown a slight upward trend since then.
• Percentage BTC Supply in Profit: The amount of BTC since their last movement and the price back then in comparison to the current price can measure the percentage of how much of the supply would be considered in profit. This percentage started in September at 59.66% and increased to 70.5%, showing a strong increase and an overall positive development.
• Mining Difficulty: The mining difficulty increased by roughly 2.69% in September, indicating a new inflow of more computational power to secure the network. The difficulty has increased by 61.5% since the beginning of the year, showing a clear trend for the network.

Other News
• Huobi Exchange: Huobi rebrands to HTX and falls victim to a hack resulting in a loss of 5000 ETH. Hackers returned 4999 ETH.
• Mixin Hack: Mixin Network was hacked and lost 200 million due to an attack on their centralized cloud provider, where data was stolen, enabling the attackers to gain funds.
• Coinbase: Coinbase secures a key Singapore license to offer Bitcoin buy and sell services to institutions.
• Polygon: Polygon Co-Founder Jaynti Kanani steps down, stating, “I’m more confident in Polygon’s bright future and passionate community. I’ll be focusing on new adventures while still cheering and contributing to Polygon from the sidelines.” Additionally, Google Cloud announces they will be serving as a validator on the Polygon Network.
• GALA: There is an ongoing lawsuit between the founders who are suing each other over the misuse of funding.
• Kraken: Kraken announces stock trading in a new division called Kraken Securities.
• Chainlink: Chainlink partners with the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ), which has $670 billion in assets.
• Verasity: An announcement was made regarding concerns with the VRA tokenomics, and the 10 billion VRA Warchest will be burnt, greatly improving the tokenomics.
• NEAR: A new partnership between the International Cricket Council (ICC) and NEAR was secured to boost fan engagement through web3.
• BASE: The BASE Network surpasses Solana in DeFi transaction volume and establishes itself as a significant player in the crypto DeFi space. Furthermore tokenized ETF Blackrock iShares bond UCITS will launch on the BASE Blockchain.

Upcoming Token unlocks
• 12th October 2023:
Aptos unlocks 1.9% of it’s total token supply adding up to $24.17 million.
• 30th October 2023:
The Optimism Foundation unlocks 32 million OP tokens adding up to $46 million.

My Watchlist news
• Energy Web EWT could establish indirect connections to the Middle East as Emirates buys Sustainable Aviation Fuel Certificates (SAFc) based on Energy Web Technology.
• Bittensor: The Bittensor Network announces their public Subnet program, which could have a similar effect on the network as the introduction of the token standard for Ethereum. Creating a subnet requires approval from the foundation by passing certain tests and locking a set amount of TAO.

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