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$SNAP Attempting a Bullish Breakout

I bought SNAP after a massive selloff and I’m comfortable holding until higher price levels. The price action has been pretty boring with a lot of sideways movement with local lows around $10.50, and this yellow resistance line acting as resistance. SNAP is attempting to form a bullish breakout here, there is still resistance at $11 though and it could turn into a rejection. I also see the threat of SNAP dropping to $8-9 price levels if the market has a steep correction so I prefer to exit on the next upswing and buying back lower. I’m still flexible for now.

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SPCE 20-1 Reverse Split on Monday

On Monday June 17 SPCE will trade at a significantly higher price after a 20-1 reverse stock split. This is an attempt to keep the stock price higher to protect SPCE from getting delisted. This event could cause the price to rally, but so far we are seeing a dip headed into the date. I […]

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SOFI Trending Down to My Buy Target

I have been bearish on SOFI and I gave the yellow trendline as a key price target. It’s taking a lot of time and patience for SOFI to drop, but the price is starting to trend down to the buy target. I have $5.70-$5.80 as my target for buying near the yellow trendline. ChartChamp socials: https://linktr.ee/realchartchamp

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MPW Starting to Show Bearish Signs

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