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RKLB Approaching Historical Lows

$RKLB has been trading within a range between the green support zone and yellow resistance zone. I think RKLB is approaching a historically great buy opportunity near all time lows. I would look for an entry within the green support zone. Keep in mind that space stocks can be very volatile, and a lot of unexpected errors can occur when sending rockets to space. However, I think RKLB has a 500%+ ROI potential back to previous all time highs.

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IWM Struggling to Break Through the Red Resistance Line

IWM was attempting a bullish breakout above the red resistance line. However, this turned into a failed bullish breakout and IWM is back below the red resistance line again. I would monitor for more attempts to break the red resistance line over the next few weeks. For now there is support building up around $191. […]

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QQQ Weekly Open with a Bullish Gap

QQQ had a bullish weekly open with a gap higher. I have updated my charts, and I have the red resistance line as a key price target of interest at $446.09. I think QQQ could have some upside this week especially if we get some strong data and strong earnings announcements from the Mag 7. […]

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SPY Potential Rebound Soon

We have a big week ahead in the stock market with a lot of big companies reporting earnings. The S&P had a very bearish week last week and I think we could see a rebound this week. It will be important to see if the Magnificent 7 reports strong earnings, and whether GDP and PCE […]

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