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NVIDIA’s Fiscal 2024 Earnings: A Breakdown of Record-Breaking Performance

On February 21, 2024, NVIDIA announced its financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year 2024, revealing record-breaking revenue and earnings that have caught the attention of investors and tech enthusiasts alike. The company reported a staggering quarterly revenue of $22.1 billion, marking a 22% increase from the previous quarter and an impressive 265% jump from the same period a year ago. For fiscal 2024, NVIDIA’s revenue soared to $60.9 billion, up 126% year-over-year.

Strengths Highlighted in NVIDIA’s Earnings

Unprecedented Revenue Growth

NVIDIA’s financial performance in Q4 and the entire fiscal year 2024 showcases the company’s dominant position in the tech industry. The record quarterly revenue of $22.1 billion and annual revenue of $60.9 billion highlight NVIDIA’s successful expansion and its products’ increasing demand. Particularly, the Data Center revenue, which hit a record $18.4 billion in Q4, up 409% from the previous year, underscores NVIDIA’s significant impact on the cloud computing and data processing sectors.

Accelerated Computing and Generative AI

Jensen Huang, NVIDIA’s founder and CEO, pointed to accelerated computing and generative AI as key drivers behind the surging demand for the company’s offerings. NVIDIA’s innovations in these areas have reached a “tipping point,” with widespread adoption across various industries, including auto, financial services, and healthcare. This broad-based demand signifies NVIDIA’s critical role in powering the next generation of technological advancements.

Strong Earnings Per Share (EPS)

NVIDIA’s GAAP earnings per diluted share for Q4 stood at $4.93, up 765% from the previous year. The non-GAAP earnings per diluted share were even higher at $5.16, showcasing the company’s profitability and operational efficiency. For the entire fiscal year, the GAAP EPS increased by 586%, with the non-GAAP EPS up by 288%, indicating robust financial health and shareholder value creation.

Weaknesses and Challenges

Operating Expenses Growth

While NVIDIA’s revenue and earnings have seen substantial growth, the company’s operating expenses have also increased. In Q4, GAAP operating expenses rose by 23% year-over-year, and non-GAAP operating expenses saw a 25% increase. This rise in expenses, including research and development and sales, general, and administrative costs, reflects the investments required to sustain NVIDIA’s growth trajectory. However, it also highlights the need for efficient cost management to maintain profitability.

Market Expectations and Future Outlook

With NVIDIA setting high benchmarks for performance, market expectations are soaring. The company’s outlook for the first quarter of fiscal 2025 anticipates revenue to be $24.0 billion, with GAAP and non-GAAP gross margins expected to be around 76.3% and 77.0%, respectively. While NVIDIA’s forward-looking statements are optimistic, they also pose a challenge to meet these high expectations amidst a rapidly evolving tech landscape and potential economic uncertainties.


NVIDIA’s fiscal 2024 earnings report paints a picture of a company at the forefront of technological innovation, with significant achievements in revenue, earnings, and market influence. The strengths highlighted in its earnings, such as unparalleled growth in revenue and advancements in accelerated computing and AI, underscore NVIDIA’s leadership position. However, the challenges of managing rising operating expenses and meeting future market expectations remain critical areas for NVIDIA to navigate. As the tech giant continues to innovate and expand its offerings, the industry will closely watch how NVIDIA sustains its growth momentum in the face of these challenges.

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