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March 27 S&P 500 Update – Red Candles Above the Resistance Line

The S&P 500 started the day with a bullish gap higher. $SPY is still trading above $520, and there have been four consecutive red daily candles and counting. Today’s daily candle is also red despite opening with a bullish gap higher, and $SPY has traded above the white resistance line for a week. I think the price is struggling to drop, SPY briefly dropped below $520 and rebounded. At the same time the price is struggling to climb up higher with a lot of sellers and red candles above the resistance line.

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TSM Key Fibonacci Levels to Monitor

TSM is seasonally bullish in July, and I think we will see a continued rally in July and August. For now TSM is in a correction, and there is a 1.618 fibonacci level around $166 for a potential rebound and buy opportunity. I have $185.24 and $216.27 as key price targets on the way up. […]

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NXE Rebound in July

NXE is attempting to flip this white resistance zone into support, and has a strong bullish seasonality trend in July with average returns of +11.86%. I think there will be a rebound with some upside in July and potentially August. Entry price: $6.30 to $6.66 Stop loss: $6.25 Sell targets: ChartChamp socials: https://linktr.ee/realchartchamp

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SOUN Bearish Weeks to Monitor

SOUN’s seasonality is 50% bullish over the next 3 months (we are limited to just 2 years of data). I think July is likely to be bullish as SOUN approaches the upcoming August 5 earnings date. SOUN has rallied in the two previous earnings announcements, and has been showcasing strong revenue growth. I think this […]

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