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LYV – Bullish Breakout Above the White Resistance Zone

$LYV has been in a bullish uptrend since Feb 5, 2024 and is continuing to show some strength. I’m not interested in making a late entry here, but the key target is the previous $125.90 all time highs at the green trendline. I think LYV will eventually form a new all time high, but I’m not interested in taking a trade here. I would consider an entry within the white zone and preferably at or below the yellow support line. This yellow support line has presented the best buying opportunity, and I recently posted a similar setup for $NKE. It took several months of patience for the NKE setup, I think it will take a while for LYV to present a setup as well.

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QQQ Trending Up Towards the Red Resistance Line

QQQ had a strong rebound as well, and is starting to trend up towards the red resistance line. $446.09 will be a key resistance target to monitor on the way up to see if QQQ continues to rally. ChartChamp socials: https://linktr.ee/realchartchamp

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SPY Rebounds as Mag 7 Reports Earnings

Last week I discussed that SPY is likely to rebound around $500 price levels. The price dipped slightly below my target, but SPY did have a strong rebound around $500. The price has been trending up, but is starting to stall a bit today. The top companies including META and MSFT are reporting earnings this […]

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GOOGL Likely to Drop After Earnings

GOOGL has consistently had post-earnings selloff over the past 3 quarters. I think we could see a selloff this upcoming earnings announcement as well. GOOGL is at resistance at the yellow trendline, and I think the price is likely to drop after earnings. I have the red zone and green trendline as my key price […]

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