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GME Pumps +80%+ As TheRoaringKitty Returns

$GME has pumped 70% over the past week, but has climbed up another 68%+ overnight as TheRoaringKitty makes his return to Twitter. TheRoaringKitty has led a historic short squeeze in 2021, and he has returned after a 3 year hiatus. This return is causing a strong meme stock rally for GME and AMC. GME seems to be early still, there is a bullish breakout forming from this channel. I think there is a lot more room to climb. The meme stock rally is concerning though, the last time this happened the markets were approaching their peak before a significant crash.

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NVAX Key Resistance Levels

NVAX has been performing extremely well this month. The next key resistance levels to monitor are $16.39, $22.94, and $35.14. I think there will be some type of pullback next month for an opportunity to buy lower. NVAX is Seasonally Bullish in June with average returns of +11%. ChartChamp socials: https://linktr.ee/realchartchamp

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NVDA Could Help the Markets Rally Higher

Today is a huge day for NVDA, the stock market, and the global economy. The S&P and NASDAQ have been neutral and slightly bullish over the past few trading days. Traders and investors are patiently waiting to see how good or bad NVDA’s earning’s will be. Nvidia has introduced their new Blackwell GPUs, and I […]

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IWM Suggests Summer Rally for Small Caps

IWM Remains in the red resistance zone, and is attempting to form a bullish breakout above $210.44. I believe IWM is likely to breakout and rally in June. There is a media narrative of small caps going on a rally over the summer. The IWM chart suggests that this narrative seems to be true. However, […]

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