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CVX is Neutral With Two Key Price Levels to Monitor

$CVX has lost support at the light blue resistance line, and this light blue trendline has flipped into resistance. CVX is trading above a yellow support level at $131.47. There is neutral price action here, and I think CVX doesn’t have a clear direction for now. I would look for buy opportunities at or below the yellow trendline if CVX starts trending down, I think there will be a rebound there. If CVX starts trending up I would monitor for a rejection at the light blue trendline. I think CVX should find a direction within a few weeks, and I’d be happy to revisit the chart.

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RIVN Hasn’t Reached the Price Target

RIVN had a nice rally in July, and I believe there is still some upside to the red resistance line around $19-20. There have been pullbacks along the way, but the red resistance line is likely to have a lot of sellers. I would exit at the red trendline, and I still like RIVN as […]

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HOLO Trading Near Resistance

HOLO is trading near the upper range of the yellow falling wedge. There is resistance around 56 cents, and next week the bullish seasonality trend starts. Very interesting trade setup here, I’m curious to see if HOLO forms a bullish breakout next week. Follow me on social media: https://linktr.ee/realchartchamp

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IWM’s Intraday Reversal

Yesterday IWM started off with a lot of bullish momentum, but had a complete reversal by the day’s end. This is still a healthy correction, and I think IWM is likely to continue trending up to the $233 price target. Follow me on social media: https://linktr.ee/realchartchamp

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