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$LINK Has Strong Resistance at $20.57

This is a longer term perspective for LINK. The price has been trading sideways within this range for more than a month now, and $20.57 has been the highs of this range. I have exited LINK and will look for another opportunity later, preferably $18 or lower.

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ETH – Orange Trendline and Light Blue Resistance Zone

ETH has been trending up nicely as well. I have the orange trendline and light blue zone as key resistance targets ahead. ChartChamp socials: https://linktr.ee/realchartchamp

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BTC – $68.6k – $68.7k Resistance to Monitor

BTC has been trending up nicely since rebounding off the lows of the bull flag. However, the real test will come around $68.6k – $68.7k when BTC faces resistance at the upper end of the bull flag. I would monitor for a bullish breakout to send the crypto markets into a strong bull rally. ChartChamp […]

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ETH Pumping Out of the Green Zone

ETH has successfully reclaimed support in the green zone, and has started to trend up again. I think ETH has lost a lot of hype this cycle, and SOL has stolen the spotlight from ETH. In terms of price action, I would monitor to see if ETH continues to hold above the green zone to […]

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