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Important Announcement for Altcoins

History is repeating itself and Altcoins have one last dip and shakeout before the bull run. This could occur over the next few weeks or months. This buying opportunity will occur based on time rather than price targets. When the bottom is in for the Bitcoin correction that is when it will be the best time to get into Alts at the price levels they are trading. I will give important announcements for this buying opportunity and this could be the last chance to buy Alts while they are still cheap. There could be a shakeout for whales to buy in cheap so that is something to keep in mind as well.

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ETH Slow Progress Towards the Orange Trendline

ETH has remained above the green support zone for the past few days. However, there has been a very little upside and slow progress to the upside. I have the orange trendline as a first key resistance target to monitor on the way up. ChartChamp socials: https://linktr.ee/realchartchamp

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BTC Stalling Around $67k

BTC still has some more room to climb up, but the price has been slightly bearish and neutral around $67k. I would monitor for some more upside over the next few days to reach the upper end of the bull pennant around $68.5k. The price target has slightly decreased because BTC the trendline is sloped […]

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ETH – Orange Trendline and Light Blue Resistance Zone

ETH has been trending up nicely as well. I have the orange trendline and light blue zone as key resistance targets ahead. ChartChamp socials: https://linktr.ee/realchartchamp

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