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Bitcoin’s Bullish Q1 Close | Altcoin Season Has Started | Gold at New ATHs | SLV Breakout

Welcome back to another market update.

In this video the spotlight will be on crypto, commodities, and the U.S. bonds market. Bitcoin has closed above $69K, which could signal the start of the bull run. Altcoin season has already started, and and I think any Altcoin dips are excellent buying opportunities. Gold has also been performing extremely well, rallying to new all time highs. Silver is also forming a bullish breakout, and oil prices continue to rise. The U.S. bonds market is also presenting a historically great buying opportunity near all time lows.

Time Stamps:

0:00 Introduction
0:10 Bitcoin’s Bullish Q1 Close Above $69K
0:12 Altcoin Season Has Started
0:13 Gold Soars to New All Time Highs
0:14 SLV’s Bullish Breakout
0:15 USOIL on the Rise
0:16 U.S. Bonds Near All Time Lows

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