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ASI Twitter Space Summary

ASI hosted a Twitter space yesterday and provided some more information. This is an updated outlook, including my thoughts about where ASI currently stands. The price has dropped, which sucks to see short term. However, I think the delay is actually good because the ASI merger would have been ruined with the Altcoin market dropping around the merger date. I remain bullish on ASI long term, I think we could see $50, $100 or even $1,000+ in the long term depending on their level of success.

July 15 merger date is a lock
The ASI merger is almost guaranteed to take place by July 15 or earlier (99% chance)

ASI: the decentralized leader of the AI race
All three cryptos will remain separate while working together. The three ASI cryptos plan to share resources like supercomputers and networks to have a larger outreach.

ASI aims to beat big tech in the AI Race
ASI views themselves as direct competitors with centralized AI leaders like Microsoft and Google. The AI industry is currently in the stages of artificial general intelligence (AGI). The next phase is ASI with the development of super AIs that are pretty much way better than humans when it comes to performing tasks. ASI also believes that they can beat big tech in the AI race to developing artificial super intelligence.

Ben Groertzel: one of the brightest minds in the AI
Ben is credited with popularizing the term “artificial general intelligence.” I can go on and on about how great he is, this is some more information about Ben and his impressive background: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Goertzel

Ben believes language learning models (LLMs), the key AI feature of ChatGPT, are NOT the pathway to artificial general intelligence (AGI) and artificial super intelligence (ASI). Big tech is using LLMs as the pathway towards AGI and ASI. If Ben is wrong, he admits that Microsoft and Google have already won the race since they are already ahead. If Ben is right, which he believes he is, then ASI could beat big tech and win the AI race. Either way, the ASI team believes there is high demand for decentralized AI and they plan to have a dominant presence in that market segment.

Microsoft has a history of acquiring innovative companies, and has been lacking innovation. I think if ASI manages to create some innovative products there could potentially be an acquisition or investment down the road. OpenAI is the dominant leader of centralized AI and ASI is the dominant leader of decentralized AI.

Demand for Decentralized AI
Decentralized AI will be needed to make AI accessible to individuals and businesses. ASI believes that big tech will keep their AI innovations to themselves, depriving the public of access to AI tools and resources.

Regulation from the European Union will be key
The EU has been very strict about regulating big tech as monopolies. We saw a recent example of the EU blocking Amazon’s acquisition of iRobot. ASI has some connections and support from the EU that will play an important role.

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