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USOIL Trending Down, Trading Within the Light Blue Channel

USOIL had some moderately bullish price action in the month of February, and is starting to trend down in March. USOIL is still trading within this light blue resistance channel. The lows of this channel are around $74-75.

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GOLD Stalling, But Likely to Rally Above $3,000

GOLD has been stalling around $2,300 price levels, but is likely to start trending up soon. I have these key Fibonacci levels to monitor on the way up with the first key price target around $2,528. The second key target takes GOLD above $3,000 with a price target around $3,090. ChartChamp socials: https://linktr.ee/realchartchamp

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SLV Attempting to Flip $27.31 Into Support

SLV has rallied above the first $27.31 price target, peaking around $29.46. SLV is now retesting the $27.31 in an attempt to flip this price level into support. The next key price target is $33.77 if SLV successfully rebounds and continues to trend up higher. ChartChamp socials: https://linktr.ee/realchartchamp

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USOIL Rebounding Near the Midrange

USOIL has dropped below the light blue rising channel, and has been in a downtrend. There is a short-term rebound forming in the midrange between the green and red trendlines. Although USOIL is rebounding here, I think there is no clear direction for now. USOIL could continue to trend down towards the green trendline, and […]

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