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Dow Jones ended at $37,986.40 (+0.56%)

S&P 500 ended at $4,967.23 (-0.88%)

Nasdaq Composite ended at $15,282.01 (-2.05%)

The stock market ended the week with mixed performances as the Nasdaq Composite fell for a sixth straight session due to declines in tech stocks like Nvidia and Super Micro Computer. In addition, the S&P 500 also joined the Nasdaq in the downard trend, falling below its $5,000 mark, but it was not affected as badly as the Nasdaq, which fell by over 2%. Furthermore, the current ongoing geopolitical conflicts and concerns about inflation added pressure to the overall market. Nevertheless, despite the losses witnessed throughout the week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average managed to rose for another trading session, and ended the week on the positive side due to the strong performance from American Express.


Bitcoin rose by 1.44% for the day, with a value of $64,291.32 as of 3:00 PM CST, as stated by Coin Metrics.

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